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Hello Everyone,

It is has been over a year, and while we have been busy traveling (and creating web sites) we have had a host of computer and uploading problems. So, we are now beginning to introduce, a few spots at a time, the places we have visited over the past year and a half, as well as some personal events in our lives. Some of you may be noticing that the pictures don't always line up, as we have increased the screen resolution to 1024 x 768 pixels. And, of course, now some of the pictures, text and menus no may longer line up nicely--depending upon the resolution of your computer (read: how bad are your eyes?) Also worth noting is that newer versions of Internet Explorer seem to come with the Active X controls disabled, so none of the pop-ups on the virtual tours work. Yet another attempt by Microsoft to save us from the evils (and fun) of the internet. If something does not pop up when you click it, look for a warning in the space between the top of the web page and the browser for instructions how how to rectify this. Sorry for the hassles! Tracy and I hope you enjoy the virtual tours below, and please look forward to an number of new tours in the months ahead!

Tracy and Dale

Down Home. . .In San Miguel de Allende:

Visit our house in San Miguel de AllendeFor the second summer in a row (2005) we spent a portion of our vacation in the historical city of San Miguel de Allende, located in the highlands of central Mexico. However, this time it was in our own house. That's right, we are no longer entirely global nomads, as we purchased a small house in the historical Central in April. We spent 12 days in July visiting and furnishing the house. Step back in time to this beautiful city, and take a tour of our new house!






Virtual Venice:

The Canals of Venice

In the summer of 2004 we began our vacation by traveling to again to Italy, this time spending a week shaking off jet lag in the magical city of Venice. Armed with far too few Euros, but a trusty tripod and an adequate supply of memory cards, we sampled with cultural and culinary delights of this city of canals. So quit fretting about the plummeting dollar and take a virtual tour of Venice. We offer two versions: a tour of the cultural highlights (featuring the major works of art from the major museums and cathedrals) and an interactive map, filled with panoramas of this fabled city. Cheaper (by far) than a gondola ride, your tour awaits you . . .



Return to Rajasthan

In February of 2004 Dale returned to Rajasthan, this time with a group of 20 students from the Singapore American School. This "Rajasthan Adventure" lasted 10 days and covered aspects of history, culture,  nature, and architecture in Uttar Pradesh and Rajasthan. From the Taj Mahal to the deserts of Pushkar, come visit the delights of Rajasthan. . .




Site Map

Well, that's all for now! We hope you enjoyed the pictures of our recent escapades. We look forward to seeing more of Asia in the months ahead, and  we hope that we will see some of you in Singapore in 2005-2006.  SARS and the tsunami are long gone in Singapore, but airfares and hotel prices remain absurdly low--we hope this will provide further incentive for some of you to pay us a visit in the next nine months. If you want to check out your accommodations, just click on the updated house tour listed in the "Upgrades" column. We hope everyone had a safe and restful summer, and look forward to hearing from you as time permits. Thanks for viewing our web site

Tracy and Dale
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