The Menkaure Pyramid

Click Here for a Larger Image In our brief visit to the Ghiza pyramids, we did get the chance to see inside the smallest of the three primary pyramids, Menkaure, shown to the left.

Cross Section of PyramidAs with all of the Pyramids, Menkaure is essentially a solid stone structure with the exception of a tiny passage way leading down to an older and newer burial chamber. The animated image you clicked on to get to this page was in fact the stairway down to the original burial chamber--just a steep walkway with board attached much like rungs on a ladder. The entryway was about 1.5 meters high and about the same width. Down this passageway they allowed two-way traffic, making it very claustrophobic and uncomfortable. [For a complete explanation of Menkaure and the other pyramids, please visit NOVA's excellent site This page will remain open,  so just close the NOVA window when finished]

Click Here for a Larger ImageClick Here for Larger ImageAfter descending the passageway, visitors arrive at the destination marked "Antechamber" in the diagram above. It is slightly roomier, and is the same level as the original burial chamber. From this point one has to "scrunch down" a bit to come to the original burial chamber, which is now simply a featureless opening with a staircase in the center which leads to the newer burial chamber


Click Here to See Nerfertiti's Ghost!Here is the new burial chamber, rather tiny and bereft of any content, save the block of stone at the front right of the picture. And, as I learned from the diagram above, it is in fact lined with granite. Those pharaohs pulled out all the stops! Below is a rather low-res video of the interior of Menkaure Pyramid by Kangol2009


Interior of Menkaure Pyramid

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