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Panasonic Hall of Science and Technology


The Inventions that

The Panasonic Hall of Science and Technology is a showcase for the past, present, and future of the Panasonic parent company, the Matsushita Electric Industry. The tour begins on the first floor entrance, which showcases a pair of DLP (digital light projectors) on two 115" screens merged to form a single image. After a brief introduction by our tour guide, we proceeded up the stairs the "History and Status" exhibit (photo to the left) which highlighted the early products of the Matsushita Corporation including a space heater, electrical plugs (the company's first product), and a table radio. This high-tech giant emerged from these humble beginnings. The remainder of the second floor highlighted the latest in audio/visual equipment, including still and video cameras and high-definition displays (a big hit!), as well as their home appliances, green technology, and the manufacture and application of semiconductors. This part of the tour affords visitors a glimpse of what to expect in the immediate future.


Display WallPanasonic DisplayThe third floor of the hall focused upon the future applications of IT or information technology. The applications were far-ranging. The photo to the left explains prototypes of automated car navigation systems and in-dash interactive direction finders that link to existing GPS systems. Imagine getting in your car and letting it do all the driving. All in the not-too-distant future. Another part of this floor was devoted to the next generation of cellular communication, advanced examples of those all-in-one phone/camera/pdas that are now becoming popular. Some examples of this technology are shown in the photo to the right. The tour was topped off by a trip to their home theater room, a small theater with mammoth speakers and a high definition projector. We were treated to a multichannel demonstration of the Eagle's Hotel California.

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