The Islamic Arts Museum

One of the premier attractions to those visiting Kuala Lumpur is the Islamic Arts Museum, which features Southeast Asia's most comprehensive collection of Islamic art with over 12,000 artefacts. The museum (shown in the photo to the left) houses 12 permanent galleries, two special galleries, and an open space dedication to photography exhibitions. The Muslim influence in India, China and Malaysia are highlighted, while the other parts of the collection are organized according to type of of artefacts, rather than geographical location. It is a site one can visit over and over without and still find new things to discover. This page features two tours, the first an overview of the Museum, which is still under construction, but complete enough to provide and overview. The second tour is a recent art exhibit in one of the two special galleries, this one by Saudi artist Reem Nazir and dedicated to a history of the Hajj.

Virtual Tour of the Islamic Arts Museum:

Below is a developing tour of the Islamic Arts Museum, halted by the Covid-19 pandemic. Still, it is complete enough to offer an overview of the exhibition space, and gives a sense of the variety and depth of the exhibitions.
Virtual Tour of Islamic Arts Museum
[In Progress]
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Hajj Journey Through the AgesThe Hajj: Journey Through the Ages:
Our visit to this special exhibit is one of those serendiptious tales that make our lives more interesting. Tracy was contacted by the Mandarin Oriental staff one day about a guest who was looking for a tennis game. The woman's name was Reem Nazir, and she was about to depart Kuala Lumpur after installing her exhibit, "The Hajj: Journey Through the Ages." While the tennis game never materialized, we were invited to the exhibit, a series of paintings taken from 18th century photographs of the Hajj. We toured the exhibit initially with Reem and her husband, Tarek, who provided historical background on the photographs. The exhibit was a unique and comprehensive look at the 5th Pillar of Islam, and Dale returned two more time with family members, and each time learned a bit more about the pilgrimage. Below is a virtual tour of the exhibit and beneath the tour are links to take the tour in virtual reality, using Google Cardboard or similar headsets.

Hajj Journey Through the Ages
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Virtual Reality Tour for VR Headsets

QR CodeThere is also a version of this tour that works in VR headsets, such as Google Cardboard, and it works with both iPhones as well as on Android smartphones. It can be accessed by scanning the QR code on the left. If you are on a mobile phone you may access the tour by following this link.

For iOS devices: scan QR code with device camera app, tap on prompt to open Safari, select "allow device motion" and on the next prompt "allow access to motion orientation." Turn device to landscape mode and a split screen will appear. When the screen turns white, swipe up for fullscreen and place device in headset.  Here is a video of how to do this--it is simpler than it sounds! [Video opens in a separate window-close window to return to page]

For Android devices: use the phone's camera to scan the QR code, and then select the tour you want to visit. Wait for the tour to load. Tour will appear in a split screen, and tap on the "X" and the bottom menu to go fullscreen. Turn the phone to portrait mode, place in headset and enjoy the tour. Here is a video of how to do this--it is simpler than it sounds! [Video opens in a separate window-close window to return to page]

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